Hi there!

My first post will be just a short welcome-post, since it’s already late at night for me, and I need to get up eeeeeaaarly tomorrow…grrr….

Starting to write this blog just came out of the blue…I’ve read so many of them these days that helped me with info and smart ideas…I thought why not have others read mine, too. You never know, one day it might come handy for someone else…so I will try to share useful thoughts, ideas, advice, and my story of hopes and a big dream… 

When I was a kid, me and my family travelled a lot…from Hungary to countries all around…Germany, Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia back then), Greece, Austria, etc. The list of countries got bigger and bigger as I grew…and I simply loved the fact of it. I was always happy to pack for another trip, with a huge smile embracing my whole head 😛

I’ll try to gather these wonderful countries I’ve been to one day…but not tonight 🙂

Anyways…we visited most of these places by plane, where I was always fascinated by the flight attendants, who served us with great knowledge and patience, with a smile even when they were tired as hell and frustrated from all the tough cookies (at times weird and not-so-easy passengers) on the plane. They always seemed so glamorous as they appeared in their lovely uniforms. They simply amazed me.

For years I’ve been just thinking of how great it must be for them to have a job they love, they travel the world and their lives are rich from all the adventures they had. Their fridges must be full of magnets from cities all over, “Underground” from London, “Mind the gap” from NYC, “beer and pretzels” from Berlin, “tulips” from Amsterdam, “Eiffel towers” from Paris, and so on. Their drawers must be full of photos and postcards, pictures of famous locations, little mementos from all over. Well, I just wished to be one of them as time flew…I dreamt of it more and more. Then one day I decided to try, but then as a change of plan I put family first and ended up staying in Hungary. It’s been 4 years since then, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I regret the time when I satyed home instead, just a little…but instead of regrets now I went for an open day, to try myself and see if Emirates wants me or not. I have read so many blogs and information on Emirates, a brand, not just an aviation company, and it still amazes me. I prepared from these blogs as much as I could, I asked questions from present cabin crew and several people who attended open days somewhere. So as prepared as I could be, I went for it, and for the first try I made it through the Open Day of Emirates, straight to the Final Interview. My Final Interview was on the 25th of September,  to which out of the 60 Open Day applicants only 3 of us were invited. I handed in some papers, application, language declaration form, photos, pending documents, and now I’m waiting….and waiting…and waiting…

On the Emirates site I can see my online application status which is “Under Review”. Well, it doesn’t mean anything yet. If it changes to AIP (Approval in Progress), it means they are dealing with your file, but they can still ask for some additional documents, photos, or else if they want you. Or the negative outcome that scares all of us applicants, one can even be rejected at this stage. After this status if YWBC appears (you will be contacted), it is an absolutely good sign, after which in most of the cases comes the “Golden Call” everyone’s waiting for. But this whole process may take quite a while, weeks or long months as well, since so many people wish to become cabin crew at one of the world’s best airlines. With me in the line of course 🙂 Some people get called a few weeks after their application and some are calles just half a year after. Some might also be put on hold, too. And it might take a bit longer now (end of year 2013) to get any response from them, because many people started to receive mails writing the training center is full at the moment, so they need to wait another few weeks or months. It must be quite a job and paperwork for recruiters and HR department as well, since they receive thousands of applications from all around the globe. And mine too will hopefully be on their desks soon! 🙂

So the waiting game is on, and this is the time where you probably did the best you could on the Open Day rounds and the one-to-one Final Interview. The rest is up to them, and what character they are looking for at the moment.

The other day, just after my Final Interview I was out with my sisters and mum at a Chinese place, where I ended up buying a fortune cookie. (Last time I bought one, it worked for me, and this time I had a feeling I had to take that shiny yellow wrapped cookie). I cracked it open and the little note inside said the following: “With a little more patience everything will be all right”. That cookie must know what it’s talking about 😀

And with this last thought I am saying good night to you all, since from planning to write a short welcome-note, I ended up fabricating a novel 😛



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