runner thoughts

Hi! I’m here again…
Nope, no news yet, since Emirates people are (supposedly) not working, having their religious holiday. They’ll be back in office on Sunday, which I can’t wait for 🙂

We’ve been out on a 15k run with a friend yesterday night, and told KT about my dream…about becoming a cabin crew…hopefully for the Emirates…THE company 🙂

I was surprised at her reaction…in a good way 🙂
Most of the times when I told people about my dream and chances after my Emirates FI, they just wished me good luck and weren’t as excited as I thought they would be. Except for my family of course…however my grandma’s first tought was – after having heard that home base is in Dubai – that I’m probably going out there to become a dancer in bars :/ Thanks Gran 😛

So when I told KT about the thing that’s in my mind 24/7, she said WOW…the good kind of wow, and told me that she used to have the same plan, she just never tried out for it…and as we ran we were yapping and dreaming about becoming colleagues at Emirates one day 🙂
So fingers crossed, first of all for my status to turn WBC finally, and then for KT to make it as well 🙂

The reason I started to write this post is that she was curious how the whole process of the Open Day and FI goes…so here it is for her now…in my next post 🙂

Oh, and to connect this whole post to the pic:
Yes! It was taken at the Dubai Marathon, which I promised myself to run if I make it with Emirates! So cheer on :))



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