not yet mine…but hopefully close :)

not yet mine...but hopefully close :)

Big welcome to all of you…any of you…anyone out there reading my little blog that I started to write for myself, and for those whom I can help with this topic…with my dream of becoming a cabin crew.
Unfortunately Sunday wasn’t the new Monday…not the lucky one at least…not for me this time…
But…going on with story…2 weeks ago I met a girl, who also applied to become CC for Emirates. I found her on FB, among many of my mates with AIP status after their FI. Big thank you for the admins for creating and enthusiastically operating this site, it’s such big help reading all those stories, thoughts, and advice from all who are in the same boat as I am…or you are…or my new friends are 🙂 Among them this girl…I’ll call her B for now. Me and B, we started chatting and sharing some thoughts, and then 2 weeks ago we ended up meeting in a Budapest café. It was great experience, and we could soothe (or at least try to) each-others anxiety and fear concerning the outcome of our application. B applied a few weeks earlier than I did, and she was eagerly waiting for an answer. No wonder, I am going craaaayzeee even in my 4th week (that would be tomorrow to be precise)…so I could imagine how nerve-wrecking it must’ve been for her to keep cool and be patient. So we kept in touch even after our chit-chat at that Budapest café, and yesterday following our chat on FB, I sent her a picture of this bunny in a plane, telling her “We’ll go & fly anyway! I’ve made this decision!” …she said she wants to be the bunny from the picture, not the red aeroplane…we agreed and I said “Fine, since both are happy and flying to the same place, so let it be 😛
This morning I got a letter from her, saying that I was such a lucky charm, because her status changed to YWBC over night!!! OMG!!!! I’m so happy!!! 🙂 Of course I would be happiest if me and my new friends (internet friends :)) would make it soon as well, and could join B in her happiness…but patience is golden, so I’ll keep praying and keeping my fingers crossed ’til they turn sky blue or Emirates red, or whatever color they gotta be for me to get that YWBC too 😀
So please, someone send me the lucky charm as well…
And before I go to sleep, I cannot do else, but quote Lenny Kravitz’s song as a message for my dream company, Emirates: “I want to get away…I wanna fly away…yeaaah…with u!!!” 🙂
Good night girls and guys!!!
Wish me luck!


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