Patience is Golden

Patience is Golden

My 5th week is approaching after the day of my FI, and I’m still waiting for my AIP status to change to YWBC…I checked it a few times today…no changes 😦
My new friend “B” I told you about is doing her medicals already, so she’s in the finish. I’ve been trying to help her keep her cool before her YWBC, and now the tables turned, she’s trying to keep my positive thoughts…It is tough I gotta admit, but I guess it is a good sign that I didn’t receive a rejection letter yet…and not planning to in the future either 🙂

I think it’s also a good sign, that from about some 7.000 people interviewed around 4000 get the job…I’ve seen that data at the training center photos of graduates ceremonies…I hope those numbers are right, that gives a better rate than what I thought…I believed that some 10-15% of the ones interviewed are offered the job, but it seems it’s more 🙂

yeeeyyy….let’s see what my lucky stars are up to in the future 🙂


2 thoughts on “Patience is Golden

  1. Hi, I like your blog!! Im in the Same boat, also waiting!! My FI was 30 sep. Im still under review so ill keep on waiting cant wait! Good Luck all the best xx

    • Hi there Lady D! Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so happy there are a few of u reading this…I’m also surprised, but glad if I can help with my stories and experience…so let’s hope this blog will help some people stepping into the same shoe 🙂 and hope that one day we’ll meet up in the skies somewhere…over the rainbow 😛 😀
      fingers crossed!!!

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