…not just an ordinary Sunday…

not just another Sunday...

…today my phone beeped as I was running this year’s last half-marathon…I didn’t check the e-mail when it rang…
🙂 I’m not that fanatic…I was busy running and it was all that mattered…although I said to myself in the morning: I’m running this one for my dream again 🙂

So as I finished the race, had my warm cup of tea and medal around my neck, I checked my e-mails…and I burst into the happiest tears I’ve had for so long…it was my “on hold ” e-mail from Emirates Recruitment…I can’t even describe the feeling…
…so maybe I will get some good night beauty-sleep now (it’s really been an exhausting, long but happy day), and will come back to you with my happy news tomorrow 🙂

Good night peeps!!! 😉


the funny thing is…my number at the Emirates OD was #3…a lucky number…at the other interview not so long ago my number was 53…It didn’t bring me luck then, I thought, because I wasn’t selected for the 2nd round there…at that time I didn’t realize this #53 would also be lucky a lucky one…today, thinking about it, is my 53rd day of waiting…so it all depends on how you look at things…everything happens for a reasong I guess…Etihad must have known this before I did 😛 so these 2 numbers actually seem to have changed my life!!!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “…not just an ordinary Sunday…

  1. Congratulations babe! someone I know also got that email well done :).. I had my FI today and I think it went really well ( i hope) so fingers crossed I will be joining you in this happieness very soon.. again congratulations xx

    • Oh my goodness!!! Congratulations!!!!
      I’m really happy for you that u made it to the FI!!! It is such a big thing believe me….and we will be waiting for you there in the sand 😀 and we’ll sure celebrate your success….just cooooome!!!! ahhhh…..still all my fingers crossed for u babe!!! 😉

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