As I promised, I’ll tell you a bit more about my lucky Sunday 🙂
I planned the 2nd half-marathon of my life for the 17th of November 2013…a Sunday. It was a day I awaited, not only because of the competition, but also knowing that on Sunday Emirates HR will be working again! I was hoping to receive some news from them, because it was getting close to my 8th week after my FI in September…so waiting patiently was soooo hard! 🙂
But I did wait, since I had no other choice…I wished for this to come true so badly!!! And it did…
Just when we started running, we must have been about the 2nd or 3rd kilometer, I heard my phone’s e-mail beep from my pocket (I use my phone app during running, so that’s why I carried it with me). I even told my friend that I heard something, but he said “We’re in competition, you’ll check it afterwards…Of course I didn’t plan to check it when running, but still was curios…for the remaining 18-19 kilometers 🙂
By the end I even forgot about it…so we had our warm cup of tea, collected our medals and I headed towards my hotel, when I remembered to check my phone while I was walking…and there it was…the letter from Emirates Application Group…
I didn’t even think about not opening it or hesitating…I mean it could still have been a rejection…but I opened it quick…and my “on hold” e-mail was smiling back at me 😀
I started crying, I was so happy…many runners I met on my way must have thought “How cute, she must have run her 1st half-marathon and now she’s all so emotional” 🙂 But it wasn’t the case…my whole life was turning up-side-down, or turning in the right direction, but was definitely about to change…big time!!!!
I couldn’t have been happier!!!
And now some waiting comes again, until I find out my DIJ (date of joining), get my GC (Golden Call) from Emirates, and do all my medicals before I pack my suitcases and move to a whole new world 🙂
I can’t wait for this to happen…however it always comes with mixed feelings…the tough part is you need to leave things behind, that were so dear to you…the park you walk across every single day…the little Greek tavern you eat out once or twice a month with friends, and they know u well there…the city as it is, the places you go to, your old university, the riverside you walk along in the summer and eat freshly made fish, you will miss the scents and smells, the wind that blows your hair (if u have any 🙂 ) when you stand on the hill and watch the shining city lights from above…and most importantly the people who love you so much and who are most important for you…your family, your mum, dad, sisters, grandparents, someone who is dearest to your heart, and of course all your friends.
A whole different world opens in front of you, with all its’ sweet and bitter sides…you move to a wonderful place that many people don’t even dare to dream of…and you made it…you are there…and you travel, you get the chance to visit 5-10 different cities or countries even, in just a month…how amazing is that! And you also get the chance to visit some of your friends who already moved abroad…
You feel…you know…that you are very lucky!!! And from now on it’s all up to you what you make of this whole thing…what you see and learn, and what you bring back home with you afterwards…if you move back home one day…or stay out there…
You never know what life may offer you, but if you dream hard enough and work for that dream of yours, you are on the right way!!!
I wish that all of you, who are reading this blog now, will be just as happy one day as I am today…
…and I will be tomorrow…


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