Bucket List

Bucket List

It’s been more than a week now since I received my successful on hold e-mail from Emirates…eversince I’ve been waiting for a phonecall, an e-mail, or any sign at all from them…It’s again a game of patience, but I gotta admit, I am a lot more relieved now. I wish I knew the date of my joining…but I don’t…so I am reading forums and blogs about cabin crew life in Dubai, getting to know a bit more about the city and the Emirates before I move there. And in the meantime I am dreaming…
Dreaming about my future accomodation, new friends, successful exams, fun trainings, and gathering a few things I would not wanna miss out on when I’ll be in Dubai or around… 🙂
So there…I started to write my
– indoor snowboarding and skiing in the Mall of the Emirates
– desert safari
– Dubai Half-Marathon & Marathon (getting ready 🙂 )
– Hungarian restaurant (just for curiosity)
– Abu Dhabi Ferrari World
– surfing
– karaoke in Dubai
– get my tattoo done (finally)
– Al Mamzar Beach Park
– go on a camel ride
….and the rest is up to me…I’ll sure find my joy 😉

Any other ideas are more than welcome 😉


7 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Hi! My name is Jennifer and I’m totally in the same situation as you are! I received my “your application was successful but on hold until the next training dates are announced” email and I am so happy! Congrats to you too, maybe we’ll cross paths in Dubai sometime 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer!

      I am so happy for you! Congrats to you too, girl! We made it!!! 😀
      So see you out there, hopefully soon 😉
      Write if you know your DOJ 😉


    • Hi Erika! Big congrats for you!!! 🙂
      Well, i received my 2nd on hold mail (as many others who are waiting since September/October/November)…
      Previously I was put on hold until further notice due to training center being full until 29th of December…so I was hoping I could join in Jan or Feb…but now the new OH mail says they are full until 13th of February. Did you get the same?
      Anyways, I really hope we will be out there soon, living that “tomorrow” 😉

      • Yes I got the same thing saying it’s full ubtil February 13th .so this means we have the job they’re just waiting for a spit for us correct? Where are you from..I’m from Texas

  2. Woww…that’s a cool place!! 🙂 I’m from the far-away Hungary 🙂
    Are you in the facebook group for Emirates AIP people? They have some info (also guessings) on there about all this waiting…and nice people who keep the strength in one-another 🙂
    Let’s hope for the best, and see u out in Dubs 😉

    • No I’m not! Do you mind sending me the link ? I can’t find it on Facebook .no one in my final interview really got eachothers info

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