…Emirates dream…loading…please wait…

...Emirates dream...loading...please wait...

Hi there! It’s been a few days, since I put my last post here…but to be honest no news reached me concerning my DOJ (date of joining), so I’m still waiting for that. In the meantime I started to write a blog in my mothertongue, so that all my family members and friends who are not as good in English will know about me and my future adventures out there…
Just to keep the time going faster (or make it feel like it does) I started thinking about a list of things I would take with me…so here it is…I will surely add things to it but here it is for now…
Ideas on what else to take with me are more than welcome! 😉

summer dresses, pashmina/scarfs, slippers, black ballerina shoes black pants, black cardigan, (these few for training)

bobby pins, bun, hair clips, elastics

pen, pencil, notebook, scratchmap,

laptop, chargers, universal voltage converter

zip-lock bags (for storing anything when u travel)

running shoes and clothes (i wish to run the Dubai marathon one day and run in several coutries)

warm clothes (winter jacket, gloves, etc for other colder destinations)


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