…please wait…a little bit more…

...please wait...a little bit more...

It’s been silent last week…no news from Emirates lately…nobody received any on holds, rejections or GCs…However, this week some people are receiving successful “on hold” e-mails again…I got to know this from our little group where we share thoughts and happenings concerning our Emirates application and statuses. These successful OH e-mails said these people should wait until further notice, because training dates are full until 30th of January…well, it seems like we (me and people who received their OH with me) won’t start before February, because our e-mails said training dates are full until 29th December. So if they would have filled this January training month with us, I guess we would have received our GC by now…
(I’m just hoping that I’m very wrong about this)

“Patience is a precious and rare virtue….it’s the ability to put our desires on hold for a time…”
(Dieter F. Uchtdorf)


2 thoughts on “…please wait…a little bit more…

  1. Hope you have your GC soon.. the wait is so long! its hard to stay postive hopefully your call will come this week so they’ll get you in I had my FI on 17th November and my status still says under review I just want it to change already xx

    • Hey girl 🙂 Thank you! I really hope so too…but we’ll see…and see each-other in DXB soon 😉
      Don’t worry about the AUR status…of course they say AIP is a better sign, but there really is no rule…my friend is leaving to Dubai soon, and she remained AUR until the very end, when one day it changed to YWBC and she got her GC 🙂
      so heads up, fingers crossed 4u!!!

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