…on my way…

...on my way...

It’s been 100 days since my Final Interview with Emirates, and who knows how long the road ahead of me will be. There are rumours going on about closed gates (that I know is true), hiring freeze and all sorts of guessings, but all I can do is wait…Waiting is really tough, when it’s for your dream, when it’s something you wished for for so long…
But still, I consider myself lucky, that I have a loving family, friends and important people in my life around me, with whom I can spend this precious time…who make me happy…I have a job I actually like and it keeps me busy, while I wait…I have running, which keeps me busy and healthy at the same time…and these things are definitely the most important that I’ll miss…the daily routine, the places I know and go to regularly, and the family and friends I can meet almost any time, when I wish to…This will change however when I make my big move to Dubai…I will have trainings and busy flights, but loads of fun and wonderful new places to visit, and a lot to learn from life’s lessons. Somehow I feel that I need to LIVE this life, I need to observe and learn to make me a better person, and to fulfill my own dream. But until then I am learning to be patient, which I know will be worth it 🙂
And I know there are so many others waiting ‘with’ me at the same time…so many people ‘On hold’ or ‘YWBC’…but I know we’ll make it!
We won’t dream our lives, but live our dreams!


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