Hoooraaay!!! 🙂

I’ve been having long days and nights since the beginning of december…long days, for I work quite a lot, we have so many events to organize and do catering for, and nights, because it is the time to study for exams…or the time to use my earplugs against that lovely neighbor, who just loves to listen to music from 1am…how nice is that…

So until yesterday afternoon I’ve been having tough days…not to mention, I was so eager to know about any news concerning my application and things to come after my 2nd On Hold message 🙂 Yesterday morning I had an exam, and passed…I was really stressed out, but I made it, and was so releived afterwards…

So with curiosity about my application and relief after my exam, I went home to have a rest (mission simply impossible, since I was sooo hyper, and happy)

So for that night we had a theatre play to go to…I got it as a Christmas gift from someone, who plays quite an important role in my crazy little life 🙂 He is also a big supporter of my dreams, and knows how much it means to me that I actually made it…so it seems…since I still haven’t received my GC…

So we went to this lovely play, which is called Boeing, Boeing…of course it is about a guy and 3 stewardesses…a funny little play 🙂 The tickets he handed over to me at Christmas (for the play) had the Emirates logo on them, of course not the original tickets, but he made them especially for me…how sweet is that 🙂


So….after this lovely night-out and dinner afterwards, I finally managed get some sleep as well, until the next morning, when I had to be at work by 7…as I always do. So I wasn’t too fresh, but oh well…then as I got to my workplace, had my coffee, updates from what I missed from the day of my exam, I opened my Emirates site as usual…and there it was…in the most beautiful red letters and fonts and everything…my YWBC!!! 🙂

I was head over heels…I just couldn’t believe it! So I also checked the facebook site, where so many people wrote that they already received it yesterady, and even this very day…and some of them even started receiving their GC-s 🙂 there are few of them leaving in February already, and many of them are scheduled for March…I still haven’t received my GC though, but what am I thinking…one step at a time…I’m happy enough for my YWBC today 🙂

So after all the tough days until yesterday afternoon, my days are magical now!!! And although some people say that the week is over and there will be a national holiday on Sunday (so HR might not be working), but I’m still hoping for a GC soon, since GC-s might come any day 🙂

All my fingers crossed for all of you, who are in the same boat…even those of you who are waiting for their On Hold messages…and you lucky ones who turned AIP…and you, who had their FIs, or ODs, or are planning to be part of this dream…believe me, it is wonderful! I’m not even there yet, but I just can’t say how happy I am right now….my life is changing, my dream is becoming my life, little by little, but it’s happening!!!

TOMORROW, here i come!!! 😉


2 thoughts on “YWBC!!!

    • Thanks Nikky!
      Hope your things are starting to work out in H.! 🙂
      Wishing u all the best, and may your dreams come true! Never give up on them…I did once, and learnt from it…so as u wrote, we gotta go for it, or else we might regret later…take care girl! 🙂

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