DOJ: in 15 days


Leap year…it makes me a day closer to my dream…my DOJ is on the 14th of March.

I moved out of my apartment, back to my parents’ house, packed my boxes….kinda…and now I’m trying to organize myself and prepare for the big day…right now I’m still at work (let’s say I’m using my coffee-break time to write this post 🙂  ) It will be my last day tomorrow, with champagne and cakes, to celebrate that I’m leaving 🙂 Few will sure celebrate that I’m out of here, but most people will miss me, which is a good thing. I actually feel both right now…I’m also glad to step out the door tomorrow and not hae to look back…things are getting a bit wild these days…plus I’m not the kind of person who loves to sit behind a desk all day from 7am to 4pm. But from another point of view I will definitely miss this place, with all the kind-hearted colleagues I got to know here, and I’m glad I can call a few of them my friends…

So it’s a final countdown; in the middle of March I’ll be in the sandpit, hopefully enjoying my new apartment, and spend fun time with my friends I got to know on the FI, or on CC portals 🙂

Also planning to take my running shoes and clothes, so that after he training I can conquer the world (or at least Emirates destinations) in my Asics and a shirt that says “BIG around the world” So watch for me whether in London or Sydney, Sao Paolo or Boston 🙂

Now back to work…




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