BIG, pics & past posts

Hi there!

This is just an introductory page…so that you know who’s behind the scenes, writing about a dream, hopefully about to come true šŸ™‚

My nickname is BIG, which came from my original Hungarian name…it took quite a journey ’til it became ‘Big’ from ‘Csilla’. Not many people around me call me this way, but those closest to my heart do! I love you guys! ā¤

So here I am, BIG, a Hungarian girl, who’s finished high-school some ten years ago, found a job, finished her university, have been working in different places eversince, and she’s been dreaming of doing something grand…dreaming of little red hats, rubyrose smiles,Ā travelling suitcases and soft clouds…Now she’s working at a trainig center in a quiet little village, organizing events, which is fine with her…but fine is not enough!

I want toĀ live my dream, and this is the time to do it…



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